Our beads in the Beads magazine

Based on our long term cooperation with one of our retail distributors Rooya.cz  we got a chance to present our beads in Czech magazine about beading and various creative techniques – Korálki.

Just to explain a little bit the story the word “Korálki” means “beads” but at the end of the word there is a spelling mistake. And that is very good marketing tool because everybody can notice that something is wrong:-)

We thank to Šárka Jiřičná who publish this amazing magazine for years and we are proud that we can be a part of it…

Edition Autumn 2019 – front page

Edition Autumn 2019 – content

Free pattern containing our beads you can find here:


At this moment in Czech language only, soon available in our Patterns section in English as well.

Edition Winter 2019/2020 – front page

Edition Winter 2019/2020 – content

Edition Spring 2020 – front page

Edition Spring 2020 – content

Because of the corona crisis the planned summer edition 2020 of Koralki will not be published in a paper form.

BUT all the patterns for this summer edition are available here:


The previous issues of the magazine are available here: