Rutkovsky Forms

The name Rutkovsky has been connected with the glass industry for generations. Our story began in 1900 when Frantisek Rutkovsky bought a building in Koberovy. His vision was to establish a glass factory in the area with water source and very good transportation access.

His first business premises were finally opened in 1910 and included 40 employees. At first, it specialized in girdlering and brass and chromium jewellery. Later the production was extended with the production of glass stones which were pressed into pliers and cut to be placed into the jewels. At the beginning of the Second World War the production included goldplating and silver jewels. Unfortunately in 1948 nationalization came and the family lost their factory. Until many years later Vladimir, the great-grandson of Frantisek Rutkovsky, who studied the metal engraving, started to build his own business. His first production was dedicated to the production of hardmetal forms for Matura´s and Kopal´s pressmachine. Later, his two sons joined him and together they built a company dedicated to production and export of glass beads which follows the tradition of making the hardmetal forms.

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