About Rutkovsky

Our family business has a long established tradition in the glass industry. Our story began with the production of hardmetal forms and then in 2005 we extended our production portfolio to include glass beads. We mainly focus on developing new shapes and designs of traditional Czech glass beads. Our main priority is to deliver a product of the highest quality and a full service for all of your orders. Based on our wide technical background we are happy to transform your concept into a real product.

The love of crafting in the Rutkovsky family connects several generations. Tradition, family life and a great enthusiasm to create something goes hand in hand with our commitment. But how did everything begin?

The tradition was established by Frantisek Rutkovsky the great-grandfather of the current generation in 1900. He bought a building in Koberovy which had very good transportation access and – what was the most important at the time – a water source. These were two main conditions for his dream to establish his own business. This dream came true several years later and he was producing jewels from brass and chrome. Frantisek Rutkovsky was kind of an innovator. His house was the first one in the village to be connected to the electricity supply. He founded the very first school in Koberovy and started going on business trips to the far lands of America which was very expensive and time-consuming at the time. Back then he was employing about 40 people. At the beginning of World War II. his business was extended by the jewels from silver and also gilding. Unfortunately after the war there came a decline in the Rutkovsky business because in 1948 the nationaization occured and the state company Zeleznobrodske sklo took over the business. All the machines and equipment were moved to different premises and only a storage room remained in Koberovy. These were dark times for all family businesses in the country, for the Rutkovsky family this lasted until Frantisek´s grandson Vladimir who studied metal engraver specialization started to rebuild the family business in his birthplace in 1992. He produced the molds for pressing glass during the glass beads production. Together with his 2 sons he extended the business with the glass beads production and in 2007 the first pressing machine was turned on. Since this moment glass beads from Koberovy have travelled to many satisfied customers in Czech Republic and all over the world, from Japan to the United States of America.

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