Our story

Our family business became part of quite interesting project recently.

We were visited by a group of American students from the Northern Kentucky University.

As a part of their marketing project they were preparing a video about our family business, our tradition in glass industry and production of glass beads.

We spent a very lovely time with them and down below you can see the result:)

At the beginning we introduced them our glass molds production and explained the development process.

Then we moved to the glass beads production to see and to explain them how we use glass tubes, glass molds, pins and how do we get beads from the pressing machine. They had also possibility to see the process of thumbling, machine assorting and table cutting.

They could visit our bulk stock and we also spoke about our marketing and business activities, specialties and challenges in glass beads sale.

It was great experience and we would like to thank you for such nice cooperation, guys!

WE totally LOVE the result!