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Free pattern for “Flower pendant”

We started to cooperate with Diana DEE Lázňovská who is a bead designer. She loves beading, sewn jewelry and soutache.

She prepared a bead pattern with use of our Peony Petal Beads in size 12x15mm and Tulip Petal Beads in size 6x8mm. There is our Hawaiian Flower Bead in size 14x14mm in the center.

Peony Petal Beads

Tulip Petal Beads

Hawaiian Flower Beads

Hawaiian Flower Beads

Tulip Petal Beads

Peony Petal Beads

Material for one pendant:

  • 8 pcs of Peony Leaf Beads
  • 1 pc of Hawaiian Flower Bead
  • 8 pcs of Tulip Petal Beads
  • approx. 100 pcs of Matubo Round 11/0
  • beading needle
  • Superlon

1/ String 1 Peony Petal, 1 Matubo Round, 1 Peony Petal, … total 8 pcs of each. All the Petals should be aligned in the same direction.

2/ Slide all the beads to the end of the thread and tie a square knot to form a circle.

3/ Now sew all the Petals on the piece of felt.

4/ Put the Hawaiian Flower in the center and sew on as well.

5/ Exit from the felt between the Hawaiian Flower and Peony Petal next to Matubo Round. String 2pcs of Matubo Round, 1 Tulip Petal and other 2 pcs of Matubo Round. Then pass through the felt next to Matubo Round.

6/ Exit through the felt. String 2pcs of Matubo Round, 1 pce of Tulip Petal and 2pcs of Matubo Round again. Pass through the felt again next to another Matubo Round.

7/ Sew on Tulip Petals all around. Exit last Tulip Petal, pass string Matubo Round and pass through the next Tulip Petal.

8/ Sew on all the Matubo Rounds among all the Tulip Petals. Exit Matubo Round, then string 3 pcs of Matubo Round and pass through the next Matubo Round.

9/ Do the same to decorate the whole center.

10/ Cut the felt all around the flower.

11/ Then take a felt and cut one more round of the same size. Cover the one underneath.

12/ From behind sew on 15 pcs of Matubo Round. It will form a ring.

13/ Do the same to make one more ring.

14/ Take some string and pass through the rings. Done!

15/ Even the second color version is worth trying!!!

You can download ENGLISH VERSION down below:

ČESKÁ VERZE ke stažení viz níže: